"Boro" Company was established in 1991. Its main business activity is production of dry mortar, and more specifically, production of cement adhesives for ceramic facings, dry putty mixtures on base of cement and gypsum, coloured sealing mixture for jointing of ceramic facings, cement and gypsum bases. In the beginning of 1992 has been field an application for registration of the trade mark "Teracol" as a mark of cement adhesive for ceramic facings, produced by "Boro" Company. In 1993 The Patent Department Office gave a certificate to "Boro" as exclusive proprietor to the trade mark "Teracol". The main purpose of the company since its establishment is to create products, which are with identical qualities as the German ones. "Boro" Company uses production lines with German computerized control system, which ensures the high quality of the output. This fact led to receiving ISO 9001:2000 certificate for its system of control and management of the quality given by "Tüv Rheinland InterCert" which is a worldwide known German organization, famous for its quality requirements. The company has laboratories for inventing new products and also continuous control to the incoming row materials and the produced items. Our industrial engineers are taught in Germany. Later, other companies, producers of dry mortar appeared, but so far "Boro" has been the biggest producer in Bulgaria. We have been awarded with certificates for the quality of our materials, excellent technology and trade organization. Two of them are given by international organizations for encouragement of producers.

The future objectives of our company are:
- Achieving better quality;
- Producing great variety of items and at the same time satisfying all the needs of the Bulgarian and foreign customers;
- Continuously increasing the qualification of the staff provided by training abroad or by qualified foreign specialists who came in Bulgaria.

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