Boro remediation concentrate - ready to use

Ready to use


Purpose: For treatment of clean or contaminated with microorganisms bases to impart resistance to bacteria and mold on old latex paint, plaster, putties, concrete, etc. before applying latex paints. Group 2 preservatives, subgroup 10 preservative for construction materials (with the exception of wood). Category of users: massively and professional. Liquid biocide product.    



- High effectiveness against microorganisms, bacteria and mold.

- Registered in the Ministry of Health (MH) - Permission marketing № 1414-1 /02.11.2012/ MH

- Odourless


Application: brush, roller.

Drying at 20°C, 65% H.R: 4 hours

Dilution: Do not dilute. Ready to use

Color: colorless

Application conditions: from 5°С to 35°С. Do not mix with other similar products.

Consumption rate: 70-80 g/m2

Shelf life: 24 months from the production date

Accompanying products: Borolex for wet rooms.

Storage: 5°С to 35°С.


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