Borolex Satin

Purpose: It is used for interior painting of cement, lime-cement, gypsum plasters and putties, concrete surfaces, plasterboard, aerated concrete, embossed and paper wallpapers, old latex coatings and others.



- Ecologically clean product.

- Forming coatings with satin gloss.

- High resistance to wet rubbing - class 1 according to BS EN 13300.

- Excellent whiteness and resistance to aging and yellowing of the coatings.

- Easy to apply, with low losses during application.


Application: brush, roller, spray gun.

Hiding power: high (9,0-10,0 m2/l full hiding power)- class 2 according to BS EN 13300.

Drying at (23 ± 0,5) ° C, 65% H.R: 4 hours

Dilution: with water

Color: white (It can be tinted in pastel tones with water tinting Borocolor pastes in an amount up to 10% or tinting machines).

Application conditions: from 5°С to 35°С. Do not mix with other similar products.

Consumption rate: 180-200 g/m2 (for full hiding power, depending on the base.)

Shelf life: 24 months from the production date.

Accompanying products: Boroprimer deeply penetrating, Boroprimer 20, Boro remediation concentrate.

Storage: 5°С to 40°С.


Declaration of performance
Safety data sheet
Technical sheet

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6 pieces/box
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