Boronal express

Water resistant adhesive for wood


Purpose: For sticking pine, oak, beech and exotic wood, natural veneer, parquet floors and paper.



- Express linking, high strength bonding

- High water resistant. Corresponds to DIN-EN-204-group D-3


Application: brush

Drying at 20 °C, 65% H.R: pressing the wooden tiles - at least 20 minutes. Final hardening- 2 hours

Dilution: with water 2-4%

Color: white

Application conditions: from 7°С to 35°С. Do not mix with other similar products.

Consumption rate: depending on the base

Shelf life: 24 months from the production date.

Storage: 5°С to 35°С.


Declaration of performance
Safety data sheet
Technical sheet

0.25 kg
12 pieces/box
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0.50 kg
24 pieces/pallet
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1 kg
6 pieces/box
Item Number:
18 kg
100 pieces/pallet
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