Wood paint

Purpose:  High quality decorative and protective paint for painting wood, bee hives, wooden toys, wooden railings, fences and other wooden surfaces. It is used for painting of all kinds of wooden surfaces for decorative purposes and protection from weather influences. For indoor and outdoor use. Mixing with other types of paints and application at temperatures lower than 5 °C and higher than 35 °C is not allowed.

    - Excellent coverage.
    - High resistance to coatings aging.
    - Does not contain heavy metals and volatile organic compounds. Meets the BDS EN 71-3 requirements.
    - Fast drying.
    - The resulting coating is weather resistant and provides long-lasting protection..
    - Good layering behavior, excellent interlayer adhesion
    - Good storage behavior - does not form a solid precipitate

Application: brush or roller.
Drying at 20 °C and 65% N.R 4 hours
Dilution: with water
Application conditions: from 5 °C to 35 °C. Do not mix with other similar products.
Consumption rate: 120-150 g/m2 depending on surface
Warranty: 24 months from the date of production
Storage conditions: from 5 °C to 35 °C. Pigments may precipitate during the storage and intensive mixing is required before use.
Colors: Available in white, yellow, blue, black, green, dark brown and red.